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Ideatopolis Rule-book


Welcome to Ideatopolis, a groundbreaking game where your gameplay carves the path for community engagement and participatory governance. Crafted by I.D.E.A., this experience is not just about playing—it's about leading change, learning the ropes of democracy, and making a tangible impact in the digital and real world.

Getting Started

Create Your AntArtist Avatar: Jump into Ideatopolis as an eager AntArtist ready to change the world. 

Learn About Ants and Seeds: These are more than just currency withing I.D.E.A.; they're your influence and growth in Ideatopolis. Ants are earned by leading missions, and Seeds by participating.

Your Progression Path

Levels 1-3: Foundations of Change

  • The Explorer (Level 1): Dive into environmental stewardship with three eco-missions, laying the groundwork for your Ideatopolis adventure without initial funding.

  • The Initiator (Level 2): Gain the ability to request up to 500 euros for your mission, subject to community approval. It's your first step into leadership.

  • The Builder (Level 3): With experience, you're ready to tackle larger missions, exploring the potential of unlimited budgets based on project impact and community support.


Levels 4-5: Leading with Vision

  • The Vanguard (Level 4): As a proven leader, guide significant missions that influence Ideatopolis's landscape, earning the community's respect and further expanding your impact.

  • The Sentinel of Transparency (Level 5): Champion the cause of transparency by overseeing the integrity of missions with the Transparency Expert certificate, earning the trust and authority within the community.


Levels 6-9: Shaping Ideatopolis

  • The Advocate (Level 6): Start shaping the governance of Ideatopolis with your initial vote, making insightful contributions to community proposals.

  • The Influencer (Level 7): Your influence grows with two votes, allowing you to mold Ideatopolis's strategic direction and policies more substantially.

  • The Pillar (Level 8): As a cornerstone of governance, your three votes have significant sway in future, governance, and mission valuation.

  • The Architect (Level 9): Achieve the pinnacle of participatory governance, standing shoulder to shoulder with founders, governing Ideatopolis as equals with four votes.


Beyond Gameplay

Rewards System: Your Ants and Seeds go beyond the game, exchangeable for real-world benefits like I.D.E.A. merchandise, exclusive access to events and a say in community projects.


Participatory Governance: Dive deep into the governance of Ideatopolis. Your progression unlocks the ability to propose, debate, and vote on policies, projects, and game development, ensuring your voice is heard.


Community and Solidarity: Ideatopolis thrives on cooperation. Collaborate on missions, share knowledge, and work together to overcome challenges, strengthening the community bond.


Transparency and Trust: At its core, Ideatopolis values open and accountable gameplay. Access detailed reports on game development, currency distribution, and the tangible impact of missions.


Endgame and Legacy: Your ultimate goal? Co-own I.D.E.A., influencing the game world and the organization's trajectory, mentoring new players, and leaving a legacy that shapes future AntArtists.

Embark on this detailed journey through Ideatopolis, where every decision, every action, and every level up enriches both your experience and the world around you.


Ready to make a difference? Ideatopolis awaits your leadership.

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