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Doer eh?

Join our global urban community!


At Ideatopolis, we walk the talk.


We are a bustling hub of proactive individuals and families dedicated to making a difference right from our homes, no matter where we live!


Monthly Pow-Wows:


  • We engage in monthly discussions on what we can do to make our life's better by joining forces

  • We join our purchasing power and networks in order to consume local and quality products

  • Our homes are more than a living space; they are a community resource.

    • Have a gym setup? Why not invite gym buddies over when you want?

    • Got the perfect den for movie buffs? Host a film night...


Equality in Decision-Making:


Every voice matters. At Ideatopolis, decisions are made with everyone's input, ensuring our shared governance is always evolving, always improving.


Transparency — Our Open Book:


Trust is our currency, and we’re rich in it. We all have access to all info and we all have an equal vote on how our community is run. Nice and simple!

Ready to make your mark?


Join us now and be part of the first-of-its-kind community where action leads to impact.

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