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We help you improve your community,

while creating your dream job that serves a purpose! Join us and be a part of the I.D.E.A. revolution!


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There is no way that it is impossible for you to contribute through I.D.E.A.


Find what program resonates with you or ask us to show you around the world of solidarity!

Wish to browse through pics of our 500+ implemented actions? I.D.E.A. Actions Photo Albums 

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Ongoing Actions

Join our ongoing actions! Connect with like minded people that talk about solutions, rather than problems! And then they also act!


with us

Explore the world and other cultures via our Erasmus+ programs. The more you travel the more similarities you find in all of us!

We raise awareness

Our main common global problem is that we need to improve our democracy. Join our journey and experience and mould a governing system of intellectual direct democracy. We learn by doing!

Management evolution

Are you an expert in management? Join us and propose improvements to our systemic procedures of transparency and meritocracy.

The I.D.E.A. School

We teach children and adults important knowledge that is essential for a critical creative person. We are not necessarily teachers, but we have passion! Propose your own educational actions!

Are you unemployed?

We empower you to create your income by implementing projects that help your community!


RnD. Our perpetually improving processes

I.D.E.A. transparency method

I.D.E.A. meritocratic method

I.D.E.A. participatory income model

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We are an organization that shares all monetary information with the public. See all the history of our bank statements, or join our newsletter and receive them monthly.

Our 12 years of experience with managing volunteers and the successful implementation of more than 500 community actions of variable aims, has given us the possibility to create an innovative meritocratic procedure that allows for the ‘smooth’ cooperation of strangers.

In conjunction with our transparency and meritocratic procedures, we have created a system where people can create their own income by implementing actions that improve their community. Be a partner to an organization that ensures trust and respect amongst all stakeholders.

Intellectual direct democracy

I.D.E.A. procedures are designed in order to facilitate within it, a governance of intellectual direct democracy. Gain the right to vote by becoming an active citizen and then co-manage the I.D.E.A. organization using direct democracy. Let’s play democracy on a small scale!

I.D.E.A. blockchain

We aim to migrate all our systems to the blockchain to achieve maximum decentralization of our operation. If you are an expert programmer in blockchain, join us and lead this migration!


Take responsibility for shaping your environment!

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