We all win

Do you want to support families in need while saving money from your monthly expenses and at the same time support Greek companies and producers? With I.D.E.A. you can!

We match people with companies that care and with the profits we support families in need, by providing the I.D.E.A. monthly relief package.

Whether you are a citizen or a company/producer you want to join this effort because WE ALL WIN!

Are you a citizen?

Enter your details and we will guide you in how to get monthly savings from chosen Greek companies! LET'S ALL WIN!

Are you a company?

Enter your details below and we will guide you in offering your products/services to our network! LET'S ALL WIN!

Are you a family in need or you know one?

Send us an email at info@idea.org.gr with subject: family in need. Include the family contact info and we will get in touch in order to send the I.D.E.A. monthly relief package!



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