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I.D.E.A. R&D

We constantly like to innovate!

Get informed about the innovative systemic procedures of I.D.E.A.

We love ‘extreme’ transparency, meritocracy and direct democracy! 

We love it so much that we give you access to all our info and the path to co-manage I.D.E.A.! Is that ideal or what?

I.D.E.A. Transparency method

A world first! See the actual transactions of our bank accounts! That is the first step to the I.D.E.A. transparency method!




If you want to learn how our meritocratic method is working, best thing is to start playing with us! Or buy our book 'Peaceful Revolution'




In I.D.E.A. even our ERP platform is online! Check how we manage our actions with our custom ERP tool 'NGO Evolution'

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