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A game designed to reward active citizenship 


Evolve into a dynamic leader, gaining financial freedom and a seat in the Ideatopolis Council!

  1. In this game, you embark on a journey as an Ant who aspires to become an AntArtist.

  2. As an AntArtist, your survival depends on collaboration with fellow ants and the availability of seeds.

  3. The number of Ants and Seeds you gather determines your game level.

  4. The objective of Ideatopolis is to defeat the division monster and attain true freedom - a freedom that can only be realized when we are all free!

Main features of the game:

  1. Participate in AntArts, which are actions or events that help others.

  2. Create your own AntArts or join those organized by other AntArtists.

  3. Engage in activities such as nature cleanups, urban farming, and community-oriented actions.

  4. Earn Ants as a currency to reward active citizenship.


Feeding your ants:

  1. Keep your Ants alive by feeding them Seeds, their favorite food.

  2. Requiring Ants to be fed Seeds urges AntArtists to help each other in their projects, promoting unity.

  3. Earn Seeds by joining AntArts created by other AntArtists.

  4. Seeds are a currency that rewards volunteerism.


Earning currency in Ideatopolis:

  1. Execute Ideatopolis tasks contributing to the operation of I.D.E.A.

  2. Complete tasks like media support, program management, and stakeholder relations.

  3. Receive seeds and/or ants as rewards for completing tasks.

  4. Currency sustains progress in the game and provides real-life monetary incentives.


Getting paid as an AntArtist:

  1. AntArtists have the opportunity to get paid through the I.D.E.A. Money Pool.

  2. 20% of the funds in the I.D.E.A. Expenses account are allocated as a collective pool of reward money.

  3. AntArtists can cash out a specific amount of Ants based on their level.

  4. Cash (€) value of the Ant fluctuates based on the current pool and the number and levels of AntArtists in the game.

Here's an example: I.D.E.A. Money Pool: €1000

Current AntArtists in the game:

  • Theodosis

    • ​Level 6 - Cash Out Limit: 75 ants

  • Dimitra

    • Level 4 - Cash Out Limit: 45 ants

  • Lefteris

    • Level 3 - Cash Out Limit: 30 ants

  • Nikos         

    • Level 2 - Cash Out Limit:15 ants

  • Stelios       

    • Level 2 - Cash Out Limit: 15 ants

  • Kiki             

    • Level 2 - Cash Out Limit: 15 ants

  • Karina         

    • Level 2 - Cash Out Limit: 15 ants

  • Ivana           

    • Level 2 - Cash Out Limit: 15 ants

  • Otoha         

    • Level 1 - Cash Out Limit: 0 ants

  • Miki             

    • Level 1 - Cash Out Limit: 0 ants

Ant Value for this month = €1000 / 225 = €4.44


Examples of AntArts and their corresponding value in Ants


Nature Cleanup 15 Ants                       Food for Homeless 24 Ants                Children are the future 34 Ants

The number of Ants that an action is worth is calculated according on its benefit to the community. 


The ultimate goal of Ideatopolis:

  • Defeat the division monster and achieve freedom.

  • Collaborate with other Ants.

  • Express yourself through AntArts.

  • Actively participate in our open source governance.


Are you ready to embark on this thrilling journey and leave your mark on Ideatopolis?


The ultimate freedom awaits!


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Food forhomeless calculator
Children are the future calculator
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