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The Difference You Make

I.D.E.A. relies on donations from individuals and organizations to support our mission of empowering communities to lead positive change. Donations allow us to fund community-led initiatives, provide resources and support to community organizers, and promote active citizenship and social responsibility. 


Without donations, we would not be able to continue our work and make a positive impact in the world. Every donation, no matter how small, can make a difference in supporting our cause and helping us achieve our goals. We are grateful for the generosity of our donors, and we welcome any support that can help us make a better world.

Enjoy extreme transparency

I.D.E.A. has a 100% transparency philosophy, and your company will know exactly where your money is going. This is an innovative process for the NGO sector that establishes trust between us and our donors. We publish our bank statements online on a monthly basis. CLICK HERE in order to view how money travels within the I.D.E.A. organization.

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Nature Cleanups

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