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Elevate Your Corporate Social Responsibility with I.D.E.A.

          Option 1: Embrace Nature, Empower Community

In Option 1, you have the opportunity to participate with I.D.E.A. in organizing 3 impactful nature cleanups throughout the year.


This initiative allows you to engage your employees and customers, fostering teamwork and community involvement.


By investing 3,000€ for one year, you can unlock a world of meaningful engagement and create a lasting impact in your community.

Benefits of Option 1 include:

  1. Nature cleanups: You will join hands with I.D.E.A. in participating in five nature cleanups throughout the year. These cleanups will help improve the environment and showcase your commitment to environmental stewardship.

  2. Teamwork and community involvement: By engaging your employees and customers in these cleanups, you foster teamwork and community engagement. This can strengthen relationships and create a positive impact within your organization and the community.

  3. Logo recognition: Your logo will be displayed in a captivating video alongside fellow sponsors. This provides visibility and recognition for your brand's commitment to environmental conservation.

  4. Press release feature: Your brand will be featured in a press release, amplifying your reach and showcasing your dedication to environmental stewardship. This can enhance your brand's reputation and attract positive attention.



            Option 2: Pioneering Impact, Amplified Influence

Option 2 takes your corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives to new heights. It includes all the benefits of Option 1 while offering additional groundbreaking opportunities.

Benefits of Option 2 include:

  1. Custom-branded video: A custom-branded video will showcase your corporation's commitment to environmental conservation and CSR initiatives. This video can be a powerful tool for communicating your values and inspiring others.

  2. "Activate the Citizens Within" workshop: This workshop empowers your employees, fostering a culture of purpose and fulfillment within your organization. It provides them with the tools and mindset to make a positive impact in their communities and actively participate in your CSR department.

  3. Ideatopolis game: By providing crucial funding for testing and development, your corporation becomes the initial sponsor of the Ideatopolis game. This innovative game aims to empower individuals to become active citizens.

  4. Empower active citizens: Your investment will empower active citizens to implement at least 30 community projects within 12 months giving you the opportunity to invite your employees and customers! 

    • These projects can range from

      • Nature cleanups

      • Urban farming workshops

      • Christmas toys to children

      • Schooling material for children

      • Support for marginalized communities

      • and new project ideas imagined by inspired youth 


The investment for Option 2 is 30,000€.


This investment not only propels your CSR goals but also unlocks a realm of limitless potential.

Contact us now to embark on this transformative journey of purposeful collaboration.

Types of CSR Activities

Nature Cleanup


Nature Cleanups

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