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What is an AntArtist workshop?

In order to plan and execute approved AntArt events, we offer a training workshop. These 5-hour training workshops are hosted by an experienced member, also known as an AntArtist. Once you complete this workshop, you can execute customized AntArt events that help the community.


What’s Involved?

  • I.D.E.A. organizational breakdown

  • Interactive teaching games

  • NGO philosophy and ideology

  • Project ideation and planning


The Benefits of Joining an AntArtist Workshop

join a team of like-minded active citizens

gain social project management skills

help your community on a larger scale and in your own way

obtain improved teamwork and creative problem solving skills

better opportunities to earn Ideatopolis currencies

improve communication and leadership skills

Examples of AntArts you can Execute

(or create your own!)



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